Why Sci-Sport.com ?


The idea of creating Sci-Sport.com was born a few years ago by noting the growing interest of many players in the sports world, amateurs or professionals, for science and engineering of sport and exercise as well as for the physiological and biomechanical principles that underpin the motor performance of the human body.


Nevertheless, it can be difficult to have access to this knowledge. Indeed, the majority of scientific publications are written in an unfriendly matter and few are free. In addition, scientific articles are difficult to understand for people who are not used to scientific language and / or do not have the necessary prerequisites to fully understand the proposed results.

The knowledge evolution

Finally, the scientific knowledge is constantly growing. It is not uncommon to realize that an information obtained today can be developed in more detail or simply became obsolete the next day because a new research will prove it wrong. And to succeed in following this knowledge evolution knowledge, it is necessary to be able to be up-to-date.

The principle of Sci-Sport