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This website and all the information provided are mainly intended for people who are working or who intend to work in the field of science and engineering of sport and exercise. Of course, this site is also for all sports enthusiasts who want to learn more about training and sport sciences. We believe that the scientific knowledge has to be explained in a friendly manner to be understood properly.

The purpose of the site is to help everyone to have easy access to scientific research in order to update knowledge and compare knowledge acquired in the field with new leads. is aimed primarily at coaches and physical trainers, athletes, students, as well as anyone wishing to learn more about the science that governs the practice of physical activity and sports.

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Time is sometimes lacking to find the answers to some questions and it is also difficult to know where to look. Because of that, we gather on one place, scientific information on many physical and sports activities, issues on various topics and theoretical courses.

In just a few clicks, you will have the opportunity to have an overview of studies on sports equipment, on new training methods, and thus understand if the equipment and techniques used are still current or if it is possible to improve them. will provide a clear and concise overview of the news of scientific research, accessible to all.

The objective is a rationalization of the training, and an optimization of the performance.


In addition to scientific news in the field of sports sciences, also offers courses and reviews on various topics that can be used as add-ons for students of all backgrounds (for example, sport faculty, engineer, physiotherapy, medicine, etc.).

Internet is a great tool to update your knowledge. And we want to take this opportunity to provide you with updated and educational content.