Site Sections


To simplify access to information, you will find on different sections: Articles, Reviews, Theory, Glossary, Store and more. They will allow you to organize your research on our site according to your needs and desires.


This section will contain a complete summarize of the scientific articles. From the original paper, we explain and summarize the study conducted and the results obtained. We also discuss applications, limitations and perspectives.


The Review section will contain essentially state of the art (that is, a state of existing and current knowledge) on various themes. This will provide a better understanding of sport and exercise science, and a comprehensive approach to the topics covered.


Here we will strive to create clear and detailed courses on sports science. The goal will be to start with the basics and finish with much more advanced notions, all in a pedagogical way, illustrating as much as possible by concrete examples.


The glossary will gather all the definitions of the terms that you will read in the sections mentioned above. This glossary will grow with the increase of the bibliographical resources available on the site.


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