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  • telomere, telomerase activity, length, ageing, senescence, biology, sport, physical activity, cardiovascular disease, HIIT, endurance, training, resistance

    Endurance and resistance training: effects on telomeres and telomerase

    By shortening, telomeres protect our chromosomes during cell replication. They are an indicator of our cellular aging. However, by our life choices, it is possible to protect them and even to lengthen them, thus increasing the life of our cells.

  • nutrition, food, health, ultra-processed, body weight, gain, mass, fat, calories, intake, energy, diet, nature

    Do ultra-processed foods make you fat?

    Prevalence of obesity is very large in the world and continue to gain ground every year, affecting high-income countries as well as those with low and moderate incomes. In parallel, industrials offer ultra-processed foods, inexpensive, rich in calories and highly convenient. But what is the impact on our body weight ?

  • health, science, hypertension, high blood pressure, resistance training, fitness, blood, pressure, workout

    Resistance training and Hypertension : Improving Cardiovascular Health

    High blood pressure is responsible for more than 7 million deaths a year. In fact, the increase in blood pressure is an important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. What is the impact of resistance training ?

  • biomechanics, fitness, sport, resistance, training, workout, science, reverse hyper, posterior chain, extension, back, hamstrings, erector spinae

    Biomechanical comparison between Reverse Hyperextension and Back Extension

    Since its introduction to the world of fitness by Louie Simmons, the Reverse Hyperextension is a must-have in many gyms. But what is it worth compared to the "classic" Back extension ?

  • science, sport, HIIT, cancer, cell, growth, proliferation, workout, training, physical activity, health, acute, chronic

    Effect of HIIT on cancer cells proliferation

    Physical activity is known for its health benefits. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the advantage of regular sports practice on cancer cells growth. What is the impact of HIIT on the proliferation of colon cancer cells ?

  • antioxidant, vitamin C, ascorbic acid, VO2MAX, endurnace, reactive oxygen species, free radical, sport, performance, life, stress, recovery, expectancy

    Sports Performance and Antioxidants

    Antioxidant supplementation is often recommended to fight against oxidative stress, one of the presumed responsible for cell aging. However, any sustained physical activity leads to more or less oxidative stress which in turn stimulates various metabolic processes. But is it really bad ? What will be the impact on sports performance ?

  • HIIT, health, SIT, cardiometabolic, VO2PEAK, training, physical activity, sedentary, volume, time, efficient, sport, fitness, cardiorespîratory

    Low volume of HIIT and its cardiometabolic impact

    Because of its intermittent nature, HIIT is often recommended to save time. However, some sessions may take between 20 and 30 minutes, which may compare to a typical moderate intensity continuous training for a sedentary person. Is it possible to make shorter session while maintaining the cardiometabolic benefits ?

Our book ! - "The Elastic Band Resistance" (in french)

The Elastic Band Resistance - A Scientific Approach to Performance, Health, and Fitness is the first book to explain the biomechanical and physiological principles that underlie elastic resistance and the value of this resistance in humans . At a time when sports equipment available to consumers, coaches and physical trainers are legion, the authors, both doctors in biomechanics and sports science, dispel misunderstandings and discard the misconceptions about elastic bands training. By combining theoretical explanations based on a hundred of scientific references and examples of practical applications, this book highlights the unsuspected qualities of resistance bands for all publics.

The Elastic Band Resistance - A Scientific Approach to Performance, Health, and Fitness addresses different aspects: sports performance to illustrate the potential gains in speed, strength and power, health to demonstrate interest in prevention and rehabilitation injury and fitness to explain the benefits on the musculoskeletal system of a workout with elastic bands for any public. A collection of illustrated exercises and training programs adapted to all are also available. As a guide, this book will explain many concepts while remaining accessible to larger numbers and creating a bridge between scientific knowledge and field applications.

The book is available in french on Amazon.fr or FNAC.com.

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