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physical activity, children, benefits, osteoporosis, young, intense, HIIT, circuit training, small-sided game

Physical activity in young children : the benefits

by P. Debraux | 14 February 2018

During pre-puberty, bone accumulation will improve the peak bone mass in the third decade of life. But in children, which physical activities will best stimulate mineral bone content ?

hypertrophy, trapezius, sport, fitness, resistance training, shurg, barbell, science, sci-sport, electromyography, EMG

A shrug variant to better increase the trapezius muscle activation

by P. Debraux | 6 February 2018

Whether for shoulder rehabilitation or looking for upper trapezius hypertrophy, the standard shrug exercise may not be the most appropriate for maximizing the recruitment of these muscles.

bench press, resistance training, training, weight, inertia, elastic bands, force, strength, power, velocity, sport, performance, fitness

Effects of weight and inertia on muscle properties in bench press

by A. Manolova | 1 February 2018

Resistance training usually involves working against the weight and inertia of the mass to be moved. But what would be the effects on the force-velocity profile if weight and inertia were isolated ?

CrossFit, injury, benefits, risks, study, high-intensity, sport, performance

Benefits and risks of CrossFit

by A. Manolova | 23 January 2018

Four years after the first study analyzing the injury rate in CrossFit, a systematic review comes back on this issue analyzing the results of 13 studies. What actually shows this review? Is CrossFit so dangerous ?

squat,dorsiflexion,ankle,mobility,trunk,leaning, back,impact,sport,performance,fitness,strength,conditioning

Influence of ankle mobility and segment ratios in the back squat

by A. Manolova | 16 January 2018

In back squat, an excessive and repeated forward trunk lean can increase the risk of injury to the lower back. But what are the factors that influence this leaning ?

force-velocity profile, velocity, jump, horizontal, vertical, squat, training, sport, performance

Force-Velocity Profile : Escape gravity to be faster

by P. Debraux | 9 January 2018

For lower limb extension velocity training, exercises with low loads or vertical jumps are generally recommended. And if other variants were better suited...

BMX, bicycle cross, race, games, olympic, sport, training, sprint, performance

Start in BMX: What are the factors of performance ?

by A. Manolova | 21 February 2018

During a BMX race, the performance on the first straight line is decisive on the riders final rank. Therefore, it seems important to identify the mechanical variables related to the sprint start.

handball, player, bench press, throwing, ball, velocity, relation, science, sport, performance, high-level

Relationship between throwing velocity and bench press in handball players

by P. Debraux | 10 February 2018

Handball trhowing is a complex motor task that involves many factors. The authors of this article have attempted to determine if some of the performance parameters were correlated with resistance training.

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